There was a 20 week club. (2 per year) It was a dinner after the 20 weeks with money drawings and the money made profit Maryanna Kozlowski and crew bought 300 sets of oneinda silverware, dishes and equipment for the 20 week club room.


Holy Name Society started the Fish fry dinners. We had a fish fry every first Friday except in July, August and September. Also the first few years we had it every week during Lent except Good Friday.

Sister Christinette kind of introduce it to home school parents as a new fundraiser it’s the most popular fundraiser ever since. We have a theme tray fundraiser every year and always make a good profit.

Yearly we had a Parish picnic sold over 1200 dinners. Roast beef & pork chop dinners. (you got both) Booths were set up in the parking lot for games, outside food, beer tent music in 1995 our profit was $41,400. This was a one day picnic on Sunday only in August.

Bingo was held every Thursday and Sunday since the early 70’s and we still do bingo to this day in 2020. It’s the easiest fundraiser to do.

Every September we have a Chicken Dinner that is homemade. We sell at least 200 dinners.